Mobile Diagnostics now available.

We have recently purchased mobile diagnostic equipment!

We know how much of a pain it is when your car breaks down, and then there is the issue of how to get it to the garage to be checked – with kids, work and everything else it can seem impossible. This is why we have recently purchased mobile diagnostic equipment. Now we can come and visit you at your home and see what the problem is.

These days most garages have diagnostic tools to access yours

cars reporting and computer system where the cars problems are monitored and the faults are logged. The diagnostics looks and the log and tells us what is probably wrong with the car. We now have one in the garage and one we can take out directly to you.

The diagnostic test can tell us problems relating to the car’s oil tank, exhaust system, petrol tank, and transmission amongst other things too. It’s quick and easy. Most of the time we will be able to let you know the problem and the type of repair it is going to need there and then.

As a Mercedes specialist we can fix problems with the greatest of ease as we know so much about them. But we can also fix other makes and models if required.

If you haven’t visited us before we are a Mercedes Specialist Garage based on the Industrial Estate in Wem, Shropshire. We specialise in all types of Mercedes repairs and we pride ourselves in being a very friendly team and being completely open and honest about the work involved.

Get in touch if you have any specific questions or would like a quote