Common Faults

We have listed some of the most common faults we have found with Mercedes but by all means give us a call as we have see 100’s of others

0_0_0_0_245_153_csupload_64307979Mercedes E class (W211) & SL (R230) from 2002 to 2007 has a SBC braking system, which as a operation time counter, when the threshold is reached this causes a dash to display a warning similar to the one pictured, we have the ability to reprogram the unit which is considerably cheaper than a replacement one.




0_0_0_0_230_172_csupload_64308041Opposite is the result of the injectors seals leaking, allowing combustion gases on this a CDI engine (nicked named the ‘black death’) which sound a lot worse than it normally is, the black carbon can be removed & after removing, cleaning & checking the injectors nothing more than a new sealing washer, seat re-face & new bolt are required.




0_0_0_0_259_152_csupload_64308164Here we have three pictures of a CDI engines exhaust manifold area, here the manifold studs have sheered off due to the exhaust manifold corroded & warping over time, this allows the exhaust gases to leak out into the engine bay contaminating the air filter & sometimes getting drawn into the car by the heater intake, this can also cause a loss of power as exhaust pressure is lost which runs the turbo. This can be repaired by refacing the manifold & renewing the studs.



0_0_0_0_214_160_csupload_64308229Here’s an over heated electrical connector terminal, a poor connection on an electrical connector terminal has caused this fault. the terminal shown supplied the fuel pump,this was causing the car to intermittently not start or cut out whilst driving! after having several garage failing to cure the fault the customer thankfully found us and now all is well.




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