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There are four generations of service intervals on Mercedes vehicles which over lap between 1995 – 2019, early models are indicated by 1 or 2 spanner icon in the dash speedo cluster later these became A & B, this advance into Assyst servicing showing anything from an  A to H, then in 2008  DSB (digital service book) which shows an A or B sometimes shown with number.

The DSB services are recorded onto a Mercedes-Benz data base by Main dealer outlets & registered approved aftermarket garages like Malkin Motors.

The owner of the Mercedes can request access to view this via the web – (just contact your local main dealer outlet to gain this free information)


Because Mercedes-Benz has such a wide range of models, including hybrid, petrol & diesel engines, manual & automatic gearboxes with 2 wheel drive &  4matic four wheel drive, to list the procedures & checks for each model, engine size & drive chain type, I feel would become confusing & fill pages!

The Basic format for servicing a Mercedes vehicle starts at approximately 12 months after the registration date or after 10-15,000 miles with an ‘A’ service comprising of:

  • Engine oil & filter change.
  • A multi point Safety check.

with the following year or 10-15,000miles later with a ‘B’ service comprising of:

  • Engine oil & filter change.
  • Cabin filter renewed.
  • A multi point Safety check.
  • Brake linings removed & brake system inspected & cleaned.
  • Suspension arms, bushes, joints, springs & shock absorbers inspected.
  • Steering system inspection.

this is then repeated as the annual date or mileage arrives (i.e. next service being an ‘A’)

in addition to the A & B service intervals there are mileage and/or time intervals for various other items, such as brake fluid, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, automatic gearbox oil, differential oil, e.t.c. these are represented in the assyst servicing by the additional letters C,D,E. etc and the additional number on the latest DSB servicing schedule.

This can become a little complex to understand, so by all means please contact us with your name, registration number, mileage and return contact info. and we will work out your service & explain all of this to you.


Listed below are the indicative items and procedures, although these can change considerably depending on the model, engine type & drive chain.

• On Every Service we use Genuine or Genuine Quality Parts & lubricants
• Every service has the diagnostic fault codes read & cleared*
• On request a free express car wash & valet will be carried out

All above prices subject to VAT @ 20%

  • Our services are not and will never be connected with any main dealer outlet.

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